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Our Story

Hey Friends!

My name is Kylie Herman and I am so happy you're here!

My husband- Trevor, daughter- Brynn and I are the hearts and souls behind Pieces. I have had this dream of bringing high quality, stylish home goods to my hometown for years... only it always seemed so far from reach. A few years ago I was feeling extra restless in my education and career choices, so decided to take my first leap. I quit my job at a local veterinary clinic and started another at the local hospital which made it feasible for me to go back to school for business management. After graduation and now armed with a degree + a hefty business plan, I was still hesitant to take it all the way.

It was shortly thereafter that my husband (then fiance) was diagnosed with cancer, in August of 2018. It hit us like a freight train, taking everything we thought we knew about life and turned it all upside down. Watching my husband come face to face with a disease that is so relentless and unforgiving scared the freaking crap out of me. But, it also gave me the push that I so desperately needed. Life is fragile. Life is a gift. And life is too darn short to wait. So I didn't. I spent those long hours during infusions, radiation, surgery and recovery piecing together the finer details of my business plan, for our future. Because I'd be damned if I wasn't determined to make our next chapter, after cancer, so much better than the one we were going through.

And so I did. WE did. And soon Pieces was born. Within our walls (and now on our online store) every vintage + new piece has been handpicked by us, for you and your home. Each with true character, a story to tell + a life well lived, just like us all. 


We wouldn't be here today without one heck of a village, thank you for joining us!